The album is just a wealth of mini-classics. And you do not have to speak Spanish or be a hardcore Latin music lover to appreciate this music. It speaks to all and reaches across cultural and political boundaries to bring warmth, solace, peace and joy to any listener savvy enough to give it a listen and pay attention. Muchas gracias.

Music Discussion

Continuing to find the sweet spot between new age/world/contemporary instrumental (even if there are vocals here), this is a solidly sweet set that charms with its deceptive simpleness that shows how still waters can run deep

Midwest Records 

Think of Gabor Szabo's best work as a precedent, if you will, then of Charlie Byrd, Earl Klugh, and others, guys who could marry trad work with modernism in a manner that still takes the breath away, and you'll have Ciro Hurtado's portrait as well.  

Veritas Vampirus 





I spent the early years of my childhood in the small town located in the Peruvian rainforest. Moyobamba is located at about 500 miles north east of Lima, at that time it was completely isolated from the rest of the country, there were no roads, trains or boats to get there. The only way of communication was via airplane. The trip sometimes took a whole day depending on the weather. The flights were long, tedious and very bumpy, crossing the Andes on a Douglas DC3 airplane from the second world war.

My window to the rest of the world was the radio. I was able to listen to stations from the Lima as well as neighboring countries, such as Ecuador, Colombia and on short wave I could catch Radio Moscow, the BBC from London and Radio La Habana Cuba. My taste in music became very eclectic from the very beginning and it reflects on this Album.

Selva is a collection of compositions based in Latin America Folk music and instrumentation with world influences.